Free Ai Events Video Podcast Recroding with Amadeus - strong Customer Authentication in Travel Payments

Date: 12 Nov 2020    Location: Free Ai Events Video Podcast    Delegates:

Amadeus recently did some research that found that 66% of airline and travel firms are not ready to meet the 31 December 2020 deadline to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. While this is a requirement only in Europe, even if firms are not located there, if they acquire locally within Europe, these requirements must still be met. What is SCA? How can airlines and travel companies prepare for it?
To answer these questions, Ai’s Christopher Staab recently sat down with Amadeus Payments' Head of Merchant Services Jean-Christophe Lacour. You’ll find the interview below.
The link to Amadeus’ research on SCA can be found by clicking Here.
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Amadeus SCA Report Press Release and Download



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