Free Ai Events Webinar Recording with Elite Marketing Group - The Future of Face-to-Face Card Marketing

Date: 05 Nov 2020    Location: On-Demand Webinar    Delegates: 50+

Pre-Event: Workshop on Co-Brand Acquisition and the Future of Face to Face Marketing

Watch this session hosted by Elite Marketing Group and learn how to interact with and acquire new card customers while showing appreciation for current ones in a safe and contactless manner. Hear about our Covid Response Plan. 

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Segment One (30 minutes)

• Why the live channel works – Quick Tidbits to Ensure Success   
• What the live channel looks like presently and in the near future  
• Tips for acquiring new customers today

Segment two - Practical Segment (30 minutes)

INTERACTIVE Card Application: Experience the latest in contactless customer acquisition and win great prizes!

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