Free Ai Events Webinar Recording - Airline & Travel Payments Summit Lions´ Den

Date: 20 Oct 2020    Location: On-Demand Webinar    Delegates: 500+

Overview: This fast-paced pitching contest took place on the first day of the Airline & Travel Payments Summit Virtual conference and showcased 3 payment or fraud solutions. Each was pitched for 5 minutes to our esteemed panel of "Lions" (Judges) - all with vast Airline & Travel Industry experience. Pitchers then faced 5 minutes of questioning by the Lions. At the end of the pitches, the Lions chose the Best Product of the day. Participants also selected their favorite pitch via an on-line vote.

Check-out the recording of this session to learn about three payment solutions that improve the bottom-line of airlines and travel companies. Watching is great way to benchmark your own payment offerings, as well as to see what innovations are in the market. The interview of Allegent Air's CMO during this session is also not to be missed.

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Pitching Companies

Pitching Company #1


Pitching Company #2
Winner of Best Product and Best Pitch 


Pitching Company #3


Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Our Ringmaster

Wendy Ward - SVP Marketing, UATP

The Lions

Tom Botts - CCO, Uplift


Tanmay Kar CFO, Business Class




Jeremy Dyball - Head of Commercial, Amadeus

Interview on Innovation in the Pandemic


Scott DeAngelo  (EVP and CMO, Allegiant)
Chris Stacey (VP-Commercial, Uplift)


Click here to watch this session's recording now