Free Ai Events Webinar Recording - Driving loyalty and emotional engagement post COVID

Date: 15 Jul 2020    Location: On-Demand Webinar    Delegates: 25+


Held on Wednesday 15th of July 2020, 3pm British Time

Roundtable: Driving Loyalty & Emotional Engagement post Covid

The current times have left many companies in chaos. Sales are down. Staff are furloughed. Customers are disengaged and therefore at risk of being less loyal going forward. Whilst management may be focussing on survival of the business, rather than long-term vision. At the same time brands, and particularly their loyalty programs, need to to continue to connect with customers, many of whom face similar difficult circumstances. How do you do that in the face of all these head winds? 

Listen to this recording to see Crispin Rogers, founder of For Good Causes; Nathan Beaver, Head of Customer of KPMG; and, Dr. Chris Arnold, author of Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer, discuss how to leverage the opportunities of working with the charity sector to drive the positive emotional engagement that will sustain and build customer relationships and loyalty in these challenging times.

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Meet Our Host:

Crispin Rogers is the founder and CEO of For Good Causes, which turns loyalty points, mile or cashbacks into financial donations for chartities of the consumer's choice, Before this, Crispin has served many senior loyalty roles including retail innovations manager at Shell and Director of targeted marketing solutions at Visa Europe.

Meet Our Emcee:

Madeleine Anderson has been the Executive Chair of Ai Events' conferences in 2019 and 2020. She ran British Airways' Executive Club and has done work for many other airlines from to Emirates, as well as for hotel brands and retailers, including launching their co-branded credit cards. She brought to this roundtable decades of experience in loyalty marketing.


Dr Chris Arnold, Author of Ethical Marketing and The New Consumer, shared some hot off the press consumer research on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people's attitudes toward community and sustainability and shared the invaluable lessons to be drawn by travel industry loyalty practitioners. Chris is a former director of Saatchi & Saatchi and co-founder of the community engagement specialists CONNECT2. He’s also been Brand Republic’s leading blogger and commentator on ethical issue within the marketing and brand industry.

Nathan Beaver, Head of Customer & Growth for Corporates at KPMG, shared the findings of their global review of loyalty and the importance of emotional engagement in driving real business benefits from loyalty programmes, especially from Millennials and Generation Z

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