Free Ai Events Video Podcast - Airline Refunds & Customer Loyalty

Date: 09 Apr 2020 - 09 Apr 2020    Location: On-Demand Video Podcast    Delegates: Virtual

Airline Refund &
Customer Loyalty
Video Podcast

Overview: In this first part of our Video Podcast series, we explored the challenging topic of airlines providing customers refunds for cancelled flights, or not, from a customer loyalty perspective. Is this a simple binary choice between survival and imminent closure? Airline & Travel Industry Loyalty Marketing Expert David Feldman of New World Loyalty provides his take on this difficult issue, including some practical options for airlines to take.

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Hosted By:

Chris Staab

Chris co-founded Ai Events as Airline Information back in 2005. He has led the company to organize the
first ever Airline & Travel Industry events dedicated to Frequent Flyer Programs, Ancillary Revenues and
Payments. He also co-founded the Loyalty Security Association, where he serves as Chairman, and is an
investor and advisor to Travel Technogly start-ups.


Expert Analysis Provided by:

David Feldman

Leading specialist on loyalty program design, finances, and economics and an authority
on loyalty psychology and behavioral motivation. David is expert in airline and hotel loyalty with the
consulting firm, New World Loyalty, and most recently advising Radisson Hotels on its Loyalty Program.