5 intriguing descriptions of fraudsters' activity

21st December, 2020

It is always fascinating to read into a description of fraudsters’ activity. Fraud prevention specialists use interesting analogies or context to denote what fraudsters are up to.

Here are some of them made during Ai’s online events or interviews in 2020:

  1. “Fraudsters are taking less shots (fraud attempts) but going for home run”: Kevin Lee, Sift
  1. Merchants must act to avoid having “satisfied” fraudsters: Hubert Rachwalski von Rejchwald, Nethone

  1. “Most fraud prevention solutions fail because they don't think like a fraudster”: Lior K., SecuredTouch
  1. “The fear of unknown has got bigger”: Stuart Barwood, Forter
  1. There has been a rise in the number of “professional refunders": Sandra (Sondra) Feinberg, Microsoft

By Ai Team