Ecosystems lead new developments in contactless + frictionless shopping

30th October, 2020

Ordering a product while reading something in a messaging app or email, using palm to complete a transaction…retailers must gear up for fast emerging possibilities.

Payment specialists and other stakeholders focused on streamlining the digital shopping are trying to keep pace with what consumers are looking for - easy, quick and secure commerce. For example, higher contactless limits or facilitating instant buys within emails and text messages, to support recovery plans/ campaigns.

Certain trends like contactless payments or dynamic / interactive emails that support a transaction as well, aren’t new. Merchants are used to offerings like crafting an abandoned cart dynamic block, using event data, within a flow email. But as digital commerce and payment specialists dig deep to ensure shoppers feel at ease novel initiatives continue to emerge.

New Developments

Visa has highlighted that consumers are choosing PIN-free technology for their everyday spending. The company has processed more than half a billion additional touch-free payments, where previously consumers would have needed to use a PIN pad, since contactless limits were increased in more than 29 countries across Europe.

Recently Amazon shared plans for a contactless way, Amazon One, for people to use their palm to make everyday activities like paying at a store, presenting a loyalty card, entering a location like a stadium etc.

And the likes of Discover and Mastercard are already looking at SRC specifications. It being asserted that SRC gives every merchant “the ability to offer the Amazon experience”.

As for using existing channels, Google to is working on plans to let Gmail users view real time product options and checkout from inside email.

Specialists working with airlines have been working on various aspects, be it for interactive content, selling ancillaries or simplifying the checkout experience. A couple of examples - SeatAssignMate connecting email content to the airlines’ PSS system in order to streamline in real-time data. EveryMundo has partnered with Uplift to integrate monthly payments within airModules. Partners can now display installments with their fares to make travel even more accessible.

Travel merchants need to prioritize and gear up latest e-commerce related developments.

By Ritesh Gupta

Ai Team