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Presentations from 11th Ancillary Merchandising Conference

Photo: Palma, venue of the 11th Ancillary Merchandising Conference

Low Cost Carriers (LCC's) are widely perceived as having led the airline merchandising revolution, but the rest of the industry has caught-up. Now, as every airline and travel company looks to the future, the challenge becomes "Are you bold enough?" With legacy carriers like British Airways and LATAM charging for onboard food and other ancillaries, the brand lines between LCC's and "traditional" airlines are blurring. With every ancillary now on the table, now is the time to re-examine everything. "Are you bold enough?" to rise to these challenges was the theme of the 11th Ancillary Merchandising Conference (AMC) held in Palma, Spain. Scroll down this webpage to see the conference presentation downloads.

And, checkout the photos of this conference on our Facebook page.


Briefing 1: Marketing - Getting your products in front of Customers – in-path, post booking, learn all the tips & techniques to get your products and services noticed (and sold!)
• Barry Nolan, VP Marketing, Swrve

Briefing 2: Let's Talk Technology: Linking your Inventory and Systems overcoming the technology challenges to get your product from your system and in to a third parties distribution
• Ryan Harris, Director Americas, JR Technologies

Briefing 3:  Uber Time & Making Payment Frictionless – Uber and Amazon One-Click have made payment part of their USP.  Mobile Payments like Apple Pay are set to make cross and upselling easier
• Kevin O'Shaughnessy, CEO, Indigo


Merchandising from the Front Line:   Insel Air NDC Case Study
• Ryan Harris, Ecommerce and Ancillary Products Manager, Insel Air

Maximise Your Ancillary Sales:  Post booking industry best practice
• Justin Steele, VP Product, Switchfly
• Iztok Franco, Founder, Diggintravel

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ancillary Merchandising:  Research Findings
• Robert Booth, Head of Product Marketing, Amadeus
• Mike Robinson, Product Marketing Manager, Amadeus

What are the Implications of One Order for Ancillaries?
• Abram Richman, Lead Product Architect, Datalex

Mobiles, Smartphones & Multi Channel Distribution: Threat or opportunity for ancillary products?
• Dejan Cusic, Business Director Ireland & UK, Comtrade Digital Services
• Snjezana Momic, Scrum Master at Ryanair on behalf of Comtrade Digital Services

Using Real Time Data to Drive Conversion
• Jonathan Boffay, SVP Business Development, Triometric

How Vale and Timmy are Set to Revolutionise Ancillaries: AI and chatbots that help sell
• Jonathan Newman, Commercial Director, Caravelo

Merchandising Lessons from NDC Early Adopters
• Jorge Diaz, CEO, AirGateway

The NDC Exchange:  How to control your NDC messaging

• Jason Balluck, Product Delivery Executive, British Airways
• David Smith, Product Strategy Manager, ATPCO
• Ian Tunnacliffe, Principal Business Consultant, SITA

Payments are Key to Airline Retailing: Uber revolutionised their product with easy payment – learn how you can copy their approach!
• George Khairallah, President, JR Technologies

Ancillary Merchandising Innovation: Top tips to optimising and personalising pricing
• Stavros Macrakis, Product Manager, ITA Software by Google

Digital Retailing & Innovation
• Daniel Friedli, Managing Director, Travel in Motion

Key Insights for Disrupting Online Travel
• Fraser Ellacott, Managing Director, Rentalcars Connect