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Date: 31 Oct 2018    Location: Long Beach, California    Delegates: 250+

Free Copy of the 2018 Ancillary Revenue and Loyalty Guide

Prior to the announcement of the winner of the 2018 Industry Achievement Mega Award, Jay Sorensen, author of the 2018 Ancillary Revenue and Loyalty Guide, has donated a copy of this year's guide.  One lucky winner who attends the award ceremony on the evening of the 31st of October - and you need to be in the room to give us your business card and to collect the prize - will be given a copy of the most comprehensive industry report on everything loyalty and ancillary!

Photo: United Airlines, Winner of 2017 Mega Awards for Co-Brands


To register free-of-charge to attend the Ai Networking Evening & Mega Awards Presentation in Long Beach on October 31st, please click here. To enter a nomination for a 2018 Mega Award, click on the image below to open the online nomination form. You may nominate up to three people at once. A sample of the straightforward information required for a nomination can be found in pdf format here. Additional details may also be found below.

Since Mega Awards began, every year there has been an award for individual achievement presented by the conference organisers. The Industry Achievement Award serves to acknowledge individual achievement covering Loyalty, Ancillaries & Merchandising and/or Co-brand Cards. For 2018, this award is being opened up to the industry to nominate a female individual that is worthy of recognition. The Chief of the Judges's Academy will select a shortlist of nominees and the winner will be announced at the Avis-Budget sponsored Mega Awards on the 31st of October in Long Beach, California.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another worthy person for the 2018 Industry Achievement Award then please read the following criteria carefully:

  • The person must be currently employed by a company that's main business is selling travel (including loyalty programs) direct to the public
  • Should be in a senior role and with several years experience and will recognise excellence in all areas of the industry, but a primary focus on loyalty, ancillary & merchandising & co-brands
  • For the 2018 award, all nominees must be female
  • The nomination form (which can be accessed below) needs to be completed and contains full details of the required criteria
  • Previous winners have been recognised for:
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Creativity
    • Bring new products & services to market
    • Over-coming challenges to delivering great customer service

There are full details on the easy to complete nomination form. To see a sample of the information required in pdf format, please click here.  Anyone making a complimentary nomination will be able to have compimnetary admission to the Mega Event Welcome Reception which is then followed by the Mega Award Ceremony on the evening of the 31st of October at Mega Event.

Our Academy of Judges for this year's Industry Achievement Award is drawn from across the travel industry.  Their collective years of wisdom, experience and achievements make them well placed to select this year's Industry Achievement Award. 

They will be reviewing the shortlist of nominees covering the three areas of Mega Event:  Loyalty, Ancillary & Merchandising and Co-Brands.  In addition, the recipient of the 2017 Industry Achievement Award, Joe Mammano is also taking part.

Chief of the Academy of Judges:  Madeleine Anderson

Madeleine has had an extensive airline career working for the likes of British Airways where her areas of responsibility included loyalty, global partnerships and co-brands.  Following a period working for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as a Management Consultant, working across multiple industries and geographies, she has also worked with and for brands including Emirates, FlyBe and  Currently, Madeleine is responsible for the co-brand agenda at Mega Event.  She will be short listing all the nominations, to produce a selection for her supporting academy to vote on.  She is assisted in this role by the following members of Industry Achievement Academy:

Joe Mammano  is currently the Chairman Emeritus of The Mallett Group. Joe has been at the forefront of airline loyalty over the past 30 years and was the 2017 winner of the Industry Achievement Award. With top roles at Continental Airlines OnePass and TWA, to name but two of Joe's many airline industry marketing leadership roles, Joe's focus is the customer and how to use the program to cement loyalty

Mignon Buckingham for over 20 years, Mignon Buckingham has been at the forefront of loyalty innovation - helping programs better focus on the consumer by delivering experiences that acquire, engage and retain members globally. She has also been responsible for the career development of a whole host of people, not just in her longstanding role at Collinson - but also for numerous airline and  travel clients across the world. Using her skills in spotting and developing talent, Mignon will be voting on a worthy winner for the 2018 Industry Achievement Award

Deborah Merrens is used to being at the forefront of developing loyalty programs.  Whether introducing a scheme from scratch at GlobalBlue to her more recent role as Head of Loyalty at British Airways, Deborah has worked with top notch talent.  She's covered both sides of the industry from hotels to airlines, financial services to credit cards!  He experience is worldwide, especially in Asia where development of talent is at a premium.

Christina Heggie is one of the opening keynote speakers for Mega Event.  As one of the investment principals for jetBlue ventures she is on the hunt for skills and talent that will make a significant difference.  And, backing that with hard cash as well as resources makes her an excellent judge!

Ornagh Hoban is the Chief Marketing Officer of Datalex.  Working in a very IT and often male dominated industry, Ornagh has a breadth of market and technology understanding that is unrivalled.  Working with the team at Datalex they have created market leading products for the airline industry and working with top notch brands she is well placed to spot and judge the next winner of the Industry Achievement Award for 2018!

Award nominations were open to all current employees of airlines, hotels, travel companies, loyalty programs.  Click on the image below to access the online form to submit up to three nominations.  You can see a sample of the information required in pdf format by clicking here

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