Sponsoring a Future Event

Why Sponsor an Ai Events?

► Reach decision makers. Highly curated audience of top industry players. 
►Influencers Access. Get your mesaage directly to Industry Influencers
► Personal Atention. Let us help you reach your audince using our industry and conference insights 
► Segmented Access. Tailor your message to suit a specific an highly valuable audience.

What sponsorships items are available?

We have sponsorship items for all budget sizes, starting as low as $999. Some of the options available include:

► Exhibition Space 
► Sponsorship of coffee Breaks
► Sponsorships Networking Receptions
► Digital  Media for Conference Events Options 
► Establishing your Brand
► Privately Run Webinars
► Webinar Sponsorships

We also have many Bundle options which mix different options

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship options or purchasing please contact Cstaab@aiconnects.us or click here to read more details