Overview & Agenda

Photo: Packed house at AMC 2018, Edinburgh, representing 30+ different airlines & many OTA's

The theme for the 13th Ancillary Merchandising Conference (AMC) was Engage, Experience and Execute - are we getting it right for customers?   

Building on the highly successful 2018 conference about "Getting ahead in the Digital Age," this year's AMC was focused on how to engage with customers - whether in the direct or indirect channels. Ancillaries and Merchandising are challenged in different ways, depending on the channel. So getting a customer experience that allows customers to easily and consistently buy a range of products and services was central to this year's event. Having a strategy for ancillaries - whether it is classic ones like cars and hotels - or even bags and seats is a first step, but getting the highly siloed organisation to execute is also fundamental. This year tackling the actual delivery of ancillaries was featured as a one of the events hot topics, which you will find below, along with the complete conference agenda.

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Agenda & Hot Topics: Engage, Experience, Execute -
Are we delivering for customers?

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Some of the Hot Topics for the 2019 Ancillary Merchandising Conference will include:
♦ How can you engage your customers to come to your website to buy ancillaries?
♦ In a multi-channel distribution model, can you deliver all your products consistently?
♦ What's new - will 2019 be the year that ground transport and the end-to-end journey come to pass?
♦ Is your online customer experience helping or hindering sales?
♦ Do you have the right people in the right jobs to understand and deliver what customers want?
♦ Organisationally can you execute - does your C-level understand the ancillary challenges?
♦ GDPR - a year in, what has been its impact and does it help or hinder?
♦ API's - do you understand what they can or can't do? Do you have a strategy for them?
♦ The end-to-end journey - can one provider do it all?
♦ Are there any travel providers delivering an Amazon type experience? Will the likes of Google or Amazon be the companies that can actually deliver this?
♦ NDC - is it still relevant and/or delivering? 
♦ Blockchain & Smart Contracts: what are the implications for ancillary revenue generation?
♦ Lions' Den - pitching contest of some of the latest new ancillary revenue-related products

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