Getting ahead of the Loyalty Fraudsters - Loyalty Security Association Fall Conference

Date: 27 Oct 2020 - 28 Oct 2020    Location: Online    Delegates: 80+

Photo: Panel Discussion at a previous Loyalty Security Association Conference

Due to Covid-19 and its effects on travel, the Loyalty Security Conference 2020 will take place online on October 27th and 28th, 2020. It will cover best practices and allow participants to make business contacts related to stopping loyalty programs frauds, hacks, breaches, and policy abuse.

Topics to be Addressed

♦ The latest in stopping Account Takeovers
♦ Ensuring your Call Center isn’t the lowest hanging fruit of Fraudsters
♦ Making sure your Terms & Conditions aren’t the fraudsters’ best friends
♦ Public Relations: dealing with a hack, breach, or major fraud incident
♦ Protecting your Mobile Channel
♦ Fraud Trends: what are the latest loyalty fraud attacks & trends to stay ahead of?
♦ Preventing Employee Fraud
♦ Industry Cooperation in the fight for Loyalty Program Security
♦ Management Buy-in: how do you get your bosses to pay attention to and fund loyalty security?

For registration and more details, visit the conference page on the LSA website here